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Mollie Kellogg explores 'the hidden psyche'

— September 2014

Associated media

Mollie Kellogg, You, Me, Us © the artist

ArtRage Gallery, NY and Awareness Film Festival, CA, present Mollie Kellogg's socially conscious works

‘Don't suppress your inner magick!’ says artist/film-maker Mollie Kellogg

Mollie Kellogg’s ‘Incognito Witch’ paintings reveal her subjects' hidden psyche – what she calls their ‘inner magick’ – suppressed to meet society's expectations. Semi-nude, true-to-life figures emerge from a textured, glitter-embedded realm, evoking a Mother Nature archetype. Power, strength, attraction, empathy and vulnerability fight for dominance.

‘Hopefully instead of just making pretty pictures, I am making something that has an impact on people’, explains Kellogg. The ‘hidden inner magick’ message has resonated with like-minded organizations, organizations that promote a mission to change the world through art. The award-winning Incognito Witch: You Me Us depicting a semi-nude Rubensesque mother and her two draped daughters, is on exhibit at ArtRage Gallery, 505 Hawley Ave., Syracuse, NY, 6 September – 18 October Q&A with Mollie Kellogg Saturday, 6 September 2–3p.m., Reception 7–9p.m.

The family resemblance is uncanny as the three sit side-by-side on a 60"x 48" canvas. Their heads adorned with flowers, the youngest fond les a tiara as the mother clutches a gilded mirror, a family heirloom. ‘Everything in this painting has meaning to me. Being with my daughters, how much we resemble each other, our different stages of womanhood... the mirror represents my children as a reflection of myself’, says Mollie's long-time friend, Lynn, who did not hesitate when Mollie asked if she and her daughters would pose. ‘There was some discomfort in the nudity aspect for me, who wants to see the PTA President's saggy old boob? But I see it now as such beauty – women are so beautiful. All of us.’

‘I see my art as a way to promote self-acceptance, laughter, play, healing, community and personal possibility’, says Kellogg, who is now also branching out into film work.

ArtRage Gallery
505 Hawley Ave.

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