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December 2013

Happy New Year - very best wishes to all our readers for 2014

Happy New Year! The January issue is on its way (we've been on holiday too!) - please be patient.

Did you have a good Christmas? If your presents included book tokens, take a look at the books we have reviewed in this issue, and look back at our Archive for more ideas.

This December issue has an eclectic mix of contents for those who would like a little respite from the pressure of Christmas. Barnaby Norman talks to Bruce Gilchrist and Jo Joelson of London Fieldworks . They have recently collaborated with Gustav Metger - the artist who reputedly influenced the early guitar-smashing stage performances by Pete Townsend of the Who. Lindsey Shaw Miller interviews Jeremy Gardiner, the contemporary landscape artist whose work she wrote about in last month’s issue. Jeremy Gardiner now lives in a house once occupied by Paul Nash, who as a new book reveals was much else besides a painter....

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