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— March 2015

Recently I was in a tiny town in New Zealand consisting of only one street. I was intrigued to see an art gallery nestling amongst the shops, and further along another shop front displaying Maori art, advertising lessons on how to make the traditional grass skirts from New Zealand flax. Thinking about this later I realized that in that small town you can see what art means to so many...

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    Besides our many articles, exhibition reviews and interviews,  Cassone publishes a wide variety of book reviews. No specialist knowledge is necessary to read our book reviews. They are written to inform, interest and entertain all our readers. We divide  the books themselves into three categories, colour coded in each review.
    Green: A book for the art lover who wants to know more about an artist, movement or period. 
    Orange: A more detailed and scholarly account for undergraduate humanities students or those seeking a deeper level of understanding. 
    Red: A very scholarly, more technical book aimed at academics and postgraduate researchers.
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