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March 2014

Cassone has readers in 89 countries!

The World Wide Web is an awe-inspiring phenomenon. As the editor of Cassone , I love hearing from those readers who contact us through the website but of course that is only a minority of all who see the magazine each month. I keep a close eye on the data showing where our readers are, however, and find it very exciting to see that Cassone is being read in 89 very diverse countries ranging from Iraq to Sri Lanka, Australia to Austria., as well, of course, as the UK and USA. The fact that Cassone is bringing art without ‘artspeak’ to people right across our globe is quite simply wonderful.

Cassone is often ahead of the news. Recently, British TV viewers will have seen Dr Andrew Bamji being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman for his three-part series on the Great War. They talked about the work done at Sidcup hospital on rebuilding injured soldiers’ faces after that war. Cassone...

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