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April 2014

Art for the Easter holidays

New May content coming soon!

While the UK’s capital is full of well-attended art galleries, it is sometimes thought that there is less interest in the provinces, but you only have to look at the story of the ARTIST ROOMS exhibitions to see this is far from the case. Inspiring people in rural and urban communities alike, including many who might not ordinarily have visited an art gallery, these exhibitions have given and continue to give people across Britain access to significant works of 20th-century and contemporary art. To mark the occasion of five years of these successful events a reception was recently held in Downing Street, attended by Anthony D’Offay, whose generosity in establishing the collection has made it all possible. Around 29 million people have visited over 100 exhibitions at 66 venues across the UK to date. There are now 38 artists in the collection, adding six to the...

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