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July 2014

Welsh portraits, Sri Lankan potters, Italian fashion - and more!

Art in Britain has long been influenced by what was happening abroad, and several items in this month's issue look at some of the international figures and movements that have inspired British artists.

Richard Wilson transformed the status of landscape painting in his lifetime and his work inspired Turner and Constable, but when he died it was unfashionable and neglected. A new show of his work will shortly be arriving in Cardiff after a successful showing in America; Robert Radford looks at Richard Wilson's achievements. Currently at the National Museum Wales, Cardiff, is the exhibition ‘Landscapes by J.D. Innes: Beauty Most Wild’ . This exhibition and its catalogue, reviewed here by Veronica Davies, attempts to redress the fact that the work of this Welsh artist has been so long overlooked mainly as a result of his tragically early death from tuberculosis at the age of 27 in...

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