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August 2014

Art for August

During an extremely hot July here in the UK it was pleasant to enter cool art galleries and enjoy the treasures exhibited within. Do keep a look out for our Art News pages which are usually updated at least twice a week as exhibitions and art-related events take place. Cassone writers regularly visit museums and galleries on your behalf and you can read in this issue their thoughts on some of the large exhibitions that opened for the summer.

Patricia Railing was at the exhibition ‘ Malevich: Revolutionary of Russian Art ’at Tate Modern 16 July – 26 October 2014,which culminates in London after a year of travelling, and explains why she thinks that ‘Kazimir Malevich was, truly, a great painter’.

No one claims that Jeff Koons is a great painter (probably not even Jeff Koons) but his art has been pulling in the crowds in New York. We asked Tom Huhn to...

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