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September 2014

Invest your time in art

September! Children’s school terms start, and here in the northern hemisphere summer is almost over, while ‘downunder’ you still have it to look forward to.

In spite of the knowledge that some wonderful exhibitions are due to open before Christmas one cannot help but feel a little sad for the ending of summer days. Without a doubt though people always manage to cheer themselves up and one way to do this is to enjoy art, or if you have the means, even invest in art. In a recent study many investors admitted to investing in something because they really liked the asset, and actually having a physical object to hand on to another generation was another motivating facet. A lovely piece of art fits both criteria, and show two reasons why art is one of the top alternatives to traditional investments.

So next time you are in a small out of the way gallery, keep your eyes open, you might...

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