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December 2014

Glad tidings we bring - it's the Cassone Christmas issue!

We have been on holiday too! The January issue is in preparation. Meanwhile, do explore our archive - full of interesting things!

The appreciation of art is after all one of the greatest gifts one can have. Cassone tries to represent all aspects of the art world to the whole world in each issue, and this Christmas edition is no different. We are giving you an eclectic mix to take your mind away from the festive frenetic activity, which seems to start earlier each year.

We have covered exhibitions here and in the USA that display a range of art, from old masters to exponents of Pop art – even the humble sink is celebrated. Our books reviewed vary from a Bloomsbury cook book to one on Robert Dudley and Elizabethan Art.

If the skies have been too grey and cold for too long, take a look at the review of Henry Matthew’s book on the Greco Roman Cities of Turkey. Wonderful buildings...

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