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July 2015

Places to go, things to see in July...

I recently attended an art fair in Norwich. The art, I have to admit, was patchy in quality but what was impressive was the number of people attending. Art continues to fascinate people from all walks of life and I think the eclectic collection of art exhibitions, events, books and articles that appear every month on Cassone reflects this breadth of interest. Do be sure to have a browse through our archive, where we have a huge variety of articles and reviews from Cassone ’s four years of publication.

There are now around a thousand articles and reviews in Cassone , most containing hyperlinks to other related items. Just click on the word ‘Archive’ to the left of the ‘Log in/subscribe’ tab at top right of the screen – clicking on the year and then the month that interests you will bring up the contents list for that month. Alternatively, use the Search facility...

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