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Heracles to Alexander the Great

— May 2011

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Meda’s wreath from the tomb of Philip II.  Gold, some 80 leaves and 112 flowers surviving  c. 310 BC, diameter 26 cm


Alexander continues to fascinate, well over 2000 years since his death. His life has generated an industry of novels, films and non-fiction books. He came to the throne of Macedon, in northern Greece, while still a teenager, conquered most of the then-known world, and died in his early thirties. He was supposedly descended from the ancient hero, Heracles (whom the Romans called Hercules) and his dynasty had been in power in Macedon for centuries. In our June issue , Ros Ormiston will be reporting on a new exhibition ‘Heracles to Alexander the Great: Treasures from the Royal Capital of Macedon’ at the Ashmolean, Oxford (7 April-29 August 2011). This beautiful show features over 500 objects from the archaeological site of Aegae (modern day Vergina), the royal capital of ancient Macedon. 

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