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13 Women in Brighton

— February 2012

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13 Women artists are at Jubilee Library Brighton, 1–15 March

13 WOMEN is a ground breaking curated art exhibition showcasing the unique works of 13 talented female artists from all backgrounds. Designed to inspire and engage you in a very personal way by featuring each woman’s (extra)ordinary story. Each woman has transformed her own world through art, or embraced creativity in order to restore a vital balance in her life, and this is reflected through the artists’ works on display.

‘If we open one person’s eyes to follow their dream, or make a positive change... this show will have been a success.’

Sarah Gillings, Director & Curator 13 Women

Jubilee Library Brighton
Exhibition opens
Thurs 1st March 2012
Exhibition ends
Thurs 15th March 2012

Meet the artists

01 Mar Exhibition Opens

02 Mar Dina Malkova, Fashion Designer
03 Mar Annmarie Hughes, Fine Artist & Maker
04 Mar Rosanna Dean, Fine Artist
05 Mar Pearl Bates, Artist
06 Mar Olga Forster, Artist
07 Mar Mjka Scott, Artist, Writer and Actress
08 Mar Sarah Gillings, Artist & Exhibition Curator
09 Mar Sanya Budna, Artist & Cosmic Freestyler
10 Mar Charlotte Faber-Marais, Artist & Inventor
11 Mar Penelope Oakley, Artist
12 Mar Kate Pritchard, Furniture Reinventor
13 Mar Sara Abbott, Contemporary Artist
14 Mar Beatrice Haverich, Photographer
15 Mar Last Day of Exhibition
(to be sure to meet the Artists, please come between 10am-4pm)
13 Women is an I Love Art UK Brand

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