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Fortnum & Mason launches the QEST Crafting Excellence Exhibition

— February 2012

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Life size  wickerwork boar, Courtesy Fortnum & Mason

To celebrate Her Majesty The Queen's Diamond Jubilee, Fortnum & Mason is  launching the QEST Crafting Excellence Selling exhibition, from 6 February to 29 July  2012.

In 2012, Fortnum & Mason invites the Queen Elizabeth Scholarship Trust to showcase the work of 32 carefully selected scholars. Based on the 1st floor, it will include skills ranging from millinery, glass blowing, sculpture, leather design and many more. The exhibition will filter throughout the store, in all departments, highlighting and celebrating Fortnum & Mason's commitment to supporting artisans and inspirational craftsmanship.

All scholars are exceptional within their chosen field, instantly evident from the range of beautifully created pieces that will be available to purchase within store. From the enchanting stained glass pictures depicting scenes from Alice in Wonderland to the striking headpieces fashioned from silk and tulle including Fortnum & Mason’s trademark Eau De Nil chocolate box, these pieces are truly inspiring works of art. For those that are looking to make a statement in the home, however large or small, there is something for all, from the life-size boar expertly crafted from wicker, to tea caddies embossed using traditional gun engraving technique, the spectrum of choice is wonderfully diverse.

In addition to the selling exhibition, Fortnum's calendar will present a range of engaging demonstrations and events and will include a Valentine’s special, where calligrapher Davina Chapman will create your personalized handwritten messages for loved ones, afternoon tea featuring James Hamill’s gourmet honey during Honey Week and a talk by the scholar on his passion of beekeeping since the age of 5, and plans to relieve symptoms for of hay fever with his honey-based food products. Come summertime, and an evening entitled ‘A Quest for a Hat’ the milliner scholars will leave you inspired just in time for summer weddings and Royal Ascot season.

Fortnum & Mason also plans to host two very special commission evenings, where customers will have the incredible opportunity to meet with the scholars, and order one off bespoke pieces, crafted specifically to tailored personal requests. With so many different style crafts to choose from, it will be a one of its kind event, where customers can purchase a completely unique gift, or an investment piece for their home.

With Fortnum & Mason’s established reputation for supporting and nurturing producers who respect time, tradition and create with care and incredible attention to detail, it is honoured to collaborate with QEST in its aims to further British craftsmanship. In this very Royal year, Fortnum & Mason will be supporting QEST's Diamond Jubilee Fundraising Appeal, which hopes to raise sufficient funds to double the rate of scholarships they award each year, through donations from ticket sales to the various Fortnum & Mason QEST breakfast and evening events throughout the exhibition period.

Fortnum & Mason

Picadilly, London




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