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Superflex at the Science Museum, London

— March 2012

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'Cockroaches' invade London's Science Museum, invited by Superflex

Back in October we told you about the Cockroach tour of London's Science Museum, a project by art collective Superflex. This has been extended by popular demand. Visitors take on the form of cockroaches, dressing up in realistic costumes to begin a journey through the Museum, exploring the impact on the climate of scientific and technological developments from the perspective of one of the oldest, most resilient life forms on the planet. The humorous tour will take visitors through the Museum's world-class galleries. Superflex is a group of artists and designers whose work highlight global issues and to suggest and generate alternative ideas and solutions. The Cockroach Tours are every Saturday and Sunday until August 2012. To book a place call: 0870 870 4868.

To give a flavour, look at the video in our October news item.

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