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Kristin Vestgård: 'Silent Secrets' in Bath, UK

— May 2012

Associated media

Kristin Vestgård, Glimpse. © The artist

21 May – 16 June 2012

Private View: Saturday 19 May, 6-8pm

Kristin Vestgård says that her paintings are the ‘voice of (her) silence’. The paintings stand alone, in their own quiet stillness and beauty becoming sensitive works whose aim is to allow the viewer to delve into their inner selves finding the emotions and stories to suit each piece. The work is silent, but the artist seeks to communicate a special humanity about it that will reach to the core of who we are.

Of Norwegian origin, Kristin Vestgård studied at Falmouth College of Art and concluded her time there with a sell-out degree show at which Falmouth College purchased the largest work for their own collection. Since graduating she has exhibited widely in London, Norway and Cornwall and her work continues to be in demand as it evolves and her audience grows.

Silent Secrets introduces a series of new portraits from this sensitive artist exploring the inner recesses of emotion. Poetic figures are set against poignant negative space creating a world of quiet beauty and dignity; the viewer is led on a contemplative journey evoking stillness and introspection.

bo.lee gallery, 1 Queen Street, Bath, BA1 1HE



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