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Satish Kumar speaks at the Roof Gardens’ Gardening Club

— July 2012

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Gardening expert and environmental activist, Satish Kumar

The Roof Gardens’ Gardening Club returns on Sunday 15 July 2012 with special guest Satish Kumar, editor-in-chief of Resurgence and The Ecologist. This is an opportunity to hear inspiring words from a much-sought-after speaker whilst enjoying the beautiful setting of 1.5 acres of themed gardens 100ft above Kensington High Street.

The Gardening Club invites guests to join from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. to enjoy a talk entitled ‘Gardening as Therapy’, with a focus on domestic gardening and horticulture, as well as the health benefits for the body and soul. The talk will offer an insight into the unique work and expertise of a former monk and long-term peace and environment activist. Satish Kumar is also a guiding spirit behind a number of now internationally respected ecological and educational ventures and is on the advisory board of Our Future Planet, a unique online community sharing ideas for real change. In recognition of his commitment to animal welfare and compassionate living, he was also recently elected vice-president with the RSPCA.

The Gardening Club offers members access to the beautiful gardens six floors up in the heart of Kensington, combined with an attractive benefits package including seasonal social events.

Upon signing up, members receive a branded gardening shirt, a quarterly newsletter containing seasonal expert advice and Roof Gardens news. They can also enjoy up to 15% discount when dining at the venue’s award-winning Babylon Restaurant on selected weekdays. Membership costs just £25 per person, which includes the first event; with each subsequent event there after priced at £10, which includes breakfast and Buck’s Fizz.

The Sunday morning events on selected dates offer members the chance to listen to a speaker from the gardening world on subjects ranging from urban bee-keeping to summer bedding followed by a demonstration from Head Gardener, David Lewis.

Mr Lewis commented:

The Gardening Club is designed to unite urban gardening enthusiasts in a social setting and provide an informative insight into hot topics and seasonal subjects. This year’s events continue to follow the success of last year, with more members joining on each occasion.

With views across London’s skyline, The Roof Gardens boasts fully grown oak and fruit trees and a flowing stream, with fish and resident wildlife including the infamous flamingos, set amongst the three themed gardens. 

For more information or to join, please contact The Gardening Club team on 020 7368 3981 or email the Gardening Club

The Roof Gardens

6thFloor, The Roof Gardens, 99 Kensington High Street, W8 5SA

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