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Ebon Heath: For ‘Second Glance’ a LoopArt First

— December 2012

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Three of the 100 limited edition basins, each with a unique design. © Ebon Heath and Villeroy & Boch

Over the last two years the American graphic designer Ebon Heath has collaborated with a team of ceramic experts at Villeroy & Boch in Berlin, to create an art-meets-ceramic one-of-a-kind limited edition of 100 porcelain basins, signed and numbered by the artist, each with a unique design. For this project Heath used newly developed LoopArt pattern technology, the deep-textured surface decor uses highest quality colours and 18K white gold.

Heath took his inspiration from the family-owned company’s heritage and 264-year history, to interplay its history within his LoopArt designs. This inclusion has prompted the ‘Second Glance’ title of the series: the more one studies the works, the more one discovers. Villeroy & Boch’s global pop-up LoopArt roadshow is travelling from Berlin to Shanghai, London, Paris and Vienna, and includes ceramic jewellery and ceramic typography mobiles created by Heath. An online auction is open to all, to bid on one of the LoopArt originals. Part of the proceeds will go to London International Gallery of Children’s Art, the partner of the Kinder-Kunst Museum.e.V- Berlin.


Rosalind Ormiston, London

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