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Just for fun!

— December 2012

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5000 beer bottles hanging on the wall. No we haven't counted. Are they still full? If not, who drank them?

Does making beer count as an art? Heineken® has decided that art sells and social media are popular so why not combine the two in a promotion for the famous beer? The brand has actually been around for 140 years – not that any amount of the stuff will keep you going that long.

Heineken® marks its 140-year anniversary by inviting people to be part of what the company describes as ‘a major light installation on the wall of its spiritual home, brought to life through social media’.

5,000 Heineken® bottles form an LED-lit exhibit now installed outside the Heineken Experience in the centre of Amsterdam – you can see it until 3 January 2013. The company hope this will be one of the Amsterdam Light Festival’s highlights.  As part of an 'open global party' (!)  people are invited to share their own celebration messages through Facebook, which will light up in a dynamic animated showcase, alongside bold images inspired by the brand’s history.
If you want to join in visit:

As somebody once said about a bottle of wine, it’s a cheeky little number but you have to admire its presumption.

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