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Patricia Piccinini: Those Who Dream By Night

— December 2012

Associated media

Patricia Piccinini, The Carrier (2012) , Fibreglass, silicone, human hair, clothing 170 x 115 x 75 cm © Patricia Piccinini

26 November 2012–12 January 2013

At the Haunch of Venison Gallery, in her first UK solo exhibition, Australian artist, photographer and sculptor Patricia Piccinini (b. Sierra Leone), presents ‘Those Who Dream by Night’ (until 12 January 2013), a collection of works from 2005–11, plus five new large-scale sculptural works. The exhibition is curated by Ana Mustonen in her first show for the gallery.

The underlying theme for Piccinini’s exhibition is an exploration of the boundaries between artifice and reality, the artificial and the natural, challenging ‘those who don’t measure up to a manufactured idea of perfection’. From amoeba-like wall panels, such as Suspended in Radiance, 2012 (silicone on linen), to her quasi-anthropomorphic creatures, for example Nectar, 2012,Ghost, 2012, and Sphinx, 2012(human hair, silicone and fibreglass), Piccinini’sotherworldly creations are grotesquely beautiful, particularly the wall reliefs, such as Hair Panel, and Twins (each created from human hair, fibreglass and silicone), that draw in viewers only to repel them on closer observation. It is a fascinating exploration of mutated forms, which draw on human emotions and contemporary technology. There are some sweet moments too with The Lovers, 2011 (created from scooter parts, fibreglass, leather and auto paint), which shows a humorous side to Piccinini’s work, and the life-size The Carrier, 2012 (fibreglass, silicone, human hair, clothing), which illustrates why Piccinini is an artist of international fame. Don’t miss her video, which opens the show.

Haunch of Venison
103 New Bond Street
London W1S 1ST

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 10a.m.–6 p.m.; Saturday 10a.m.–5p.m.

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