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Russian abstract artist Gennady Zubkov has London show

— December 2012

Associated media

BYE! 1967-1991 Gennady Zubkov Oil on canvas, 200 x 170 cm Image courtesy of the artist and Erarta Galleries

Until 12 January 2013, Erarta Galleries, London shows ten paintings by the Russian artist Gennady Zubkov (b.1940), who studied under Vladimir Sterligov (1904–73), founder of the Sterligov group, which focused on concepts of Impressionism, Cubism, and Suprematism.

Sterligov developed the concept of ‘spherical geometry’; Zubkov took his mentor’s concept a stage further to develop his own painting theory ‘form creates form’. Gennady Zubkov is noted for his empathy with nature and spirituality, which is evident in ‘Prismatic’, this London show of paintings, some of which have taken years to complete. In this group BYE!, 1967-91; Crystal Landscape, 1978-2007; and Cubic Suprematism: Washing the Linen, 1967-1995-2012, stand out. So too exquisite smaller works, such as Still Life with Pomegranate, 1994; and The Fourth Stage Forms Subtracting: Still Life with Scallops, 1998-99.

Erarta Galleries
8 Berkeley Street
London W1J 8DN

Open: Tuesday - Friday: 10.00 – 18.00
Saturday: 10.00 – 17.00

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