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Liam Gillick shows new work in Hong Kong

— May 2013

Associated media

Liam Gillick, 
Complete Bin Development (2013).
Powder-coated aluminum and Plexiglas
6 elements, each element 300 x 150 x 150 cm © the artist

Complete Bin Development, a new work by Liam Gillick, will be shown at Art Basel Hong Kong Encounters.

Complete Bin Development is a sequence of towered structures that comprise a series of open frameworks in a series of permutations. The work relates to the research into possible permutations available within car body production just before the introduction of completely automated production systems. At the same time the works are abstractions in their own right. The height of each stack is limited by standard engineering rules. Each work can be constructed from any number of permutations of the wall structures. The works can be sited in exterior or interior locations. Any number of stacks can be located near each other, always separated by at least 1.50m.

is curated by Yuko Hasegawa, at 
Art Basel Hong Kong
 23–26 May 2013. Liam Gillick is represented by the Kerlin Gallery, Dublin


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