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Salvador Dalí in Oxford

— May 2013

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Salvador Dalí,  Limited Edition Signed Print. Meller Merceux Gallery, Oxford

 Exhibition on now untl 18 June 2013

Meller Merceux has unveilled a collection of signed works by surrealist artist Salvador Dalí, comprising the first-ever show dedicated to the artist at a private gallery in Oxford. Dalí aficionados able to see and buy sought-after works on paper which only very rarely come onto the market.

Gallery director Aidan Meller says,

It's my job to track down rarities which will get the public excited about art. After 14 years in the business this is the most important body of work I've had the pleasure of exhibiting. We've had several works by Dalí come through the gallery in recent years, and they've been very popular, but never anything like this. To have 30 signed works at one go is highly unusual. 

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Dalí museums in Florida and Catalonia every year. The artist’s popularity with the general public is equalled only by the sway he holds over collectors. This was evidenced by the sale at auction this February of the artist's Portrait of Mrs Harrison Williams for over £2m. The forthcoming exhibition at Meller Merceux is an opportunity to acquire a Dalí works at an affordable price before – as art market experts have suggested – his prices realign with those paid for works by Pablo Picasso.

Dalí is one of an elite group of visual artists who transcended the limits of the art world to become icons of popular culture. At a time when psychoanalysis was still a new discipline, his art took the grandeur and ambition of Renaissance painting and added to it symbolic objects which evoke the logic of the unconscious mind. In recent years Dalí has come to be regarded by many not just as a modernist master but as a forerunner of Pop, conceptual, and performance art, a sign that his influence is here to stay. 



Meller  Merceux is a commercial gallery specializing in modern and contemporary art. 

To arrange an appointment to view the work, please ring 01865 727996.

The Meller Merceux Gallery, 105 High Street, Oxford, OX1 4BW.

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