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SNAP 2013 at Aldeburgh

— May 2013

Associated media

Artworks by Glenn Brown, Mark Fuller, Cerith Wyn Evans, Emily Richardson, Ryan Gander, Juergen Teller, Abigail Lane

SNAP 8–30 June 2013

Art and the Aldeburgh Festival

Artworks by Glenn Brown, Mark Fuller, Cerith Wyn Evans, Emily Richardson, Ryan Gander, Juergen Teller, Abigail Lane.

Open daily 9–30 June, 12 noon–5p.m. or start of the evening performance. (Exhibition closed 24 and 25 June)

Open Day: 8 June, 1–4p.m.

Aldeburgh Music has announced details of artworks for the third annual SNAP exhibition, 8–30 June 2013.

SNAP 2013 artists

Glenn Brown, May Cornet, Benedict Drew, Roger Eno, Mark Fuller, Ryan Gander, Maggi Hambling, Scott King, Abigail Lane, Simon Liddiment, Sarah Lucas, Emily Richardson, Julian Simmons, Cally Spooner, Juergen Teller And Cerith Wyn Evans

SNAP 2013 exhibition

Artists have been invited to respond to the brief ‘Inspired by Britten’ as part of the year-long celebration of Benjamin Britten’s centenary. Britten co-founded the Aldeburgh Festival in 1948.

This year’s exhibition will permeate the fabric of Snape Maltings and the Aldeburgh Festival more deeply than ever, occupying its interior, exterior and ephemeral spaces with some direct, and some more oblique responses to the composer’s life and work.

Many of the works will include sound and the exhibition will also encompass film, audio, sculpture, photography, painting and performance.

SNAP the discussion

The panel discussion this year is led by writer and critic Jonathan P Watts and will address the theme Art Inspired by Britten. Panel members include Ryan Gander. The discussion will take place on Friday 21 June at 5.30pm and booking is necessary (Box office 01728 687110 or ).

SNAP is organized by Abigail Lane in association with Aldeburgh Music


A fringe exhibition, organized by art students from University Campus Suffolk (UCS), will take place at Abbey Farm Barn opposite Snape Maltings to coincide with this year’s SNAP exhibition. Participants, following the lead of SNAP, will present works that have used Benjamin Britten as a touchstone.

SNAP 2013 works in show

Glenn Brown

New drawings will be shown in the Concert Hall Gallery.

May Cornet

Night Mail, 2013

Painted stone sculptural work

Sculpture installation inspired by the Royal Mail public information film, Night Mail for which Britten wrote the score. Objects carved in stone and painted will be installed inside a set-like room built within the Pond Gallery.

Benedict Drew

Matériel, 2013

Projected video film

A projected video film that re-imagines the local repercussions of a groundbreaking Music Concrete concert at the 1954 Aldeburgh Festival. Filming will include footage from Aldeburgh and the surrounding countryside.

Roger Eno

Aleatoric Variations on a Theme by Purcell, 2013

Audio installation piece based on the notes of Purcell’s Rondeau - the music Britten used for The Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra.

Musical Box, 2013

A second audio work

Fragments of Britten's recorded speech will be interspersed with Eno’s musical composition and BT recordings. It will be heard through the handset inside the public telephone box, formerly used as the box office link at the Maltings.

Mark Fuller

Milk and Music (Sally In Our Alley), 2013

Filmed performance

Sculptural elements: steel, rope, milk cartons, fish tins and milk.

The performance on the Hepworth Lawn in collaboration with Sarah Lucas will be accompanied by the soundtrack of the Britten folksong - Sally In Our Alley. The performance will take place on Saturday 8th and Saturday 22nd June. The props will be left in situ for the duration of the SNAP exhibition.

Ryan Gander

Encompassed by one Telling, 2013

Painted portraits of Benjamin Britten holding his conductor’s baton. The paintings on canvas are discarded and the palettes used to create them are displayed on the wall instead. The palettes are circles of mirrored glass, 40 cm in diameter. The palettes can be viewed as abstract portraits of the composer. To be hung as an installation in the main concert hall foyer.

I’m not Magnificent, 2013

Tweeted information, screen monitors

Tweets received from Britten's conductor’s baton @BBsBaton to be received throughout the exhibition. The Twitter feed will be publicly available to view online and also displayed live on monitors in the exhibition space.

Maggi Hambling

War Requiem, 2013

Installation with audio and paintings

An installation of paintings hung in claustrophobic style in the Dovecote space. The paintings of victims and battlefields are her own response to the horror, destruction and futility of war, inspired by Britten's War Requiem that will be played continuously.

Scott King

2013 Pasted paper onto billboard

A billboard work depicting a musical score. It makes reference to a Royal Bank of Scotland television advertis- ment that used Britten’s Playful Pizzicato.

Abigail Lane

Underneath the Abject Willow, 2013

Installation: audio, painted wood, willow tree. Poster: printed matter

An outdoor site specific work. Speakers hidden in the canopy of the willow tree at Snape Maltings will play a continuous performance by an orchestra of British birds of some of Britten's songs, including Underneath the Abject Willow. Cube seating underneath the tree painted in the pink gloss that Gary Hume uses for his paintings of birds. A satellite cube from which individual bird calls sound, will be positioned at varying indoor locations. There will be a poster in the Aldeburgh Festival programme book.

Simon Liddiment

Parable, 2013

Coated aluminium, posts

A configuration of large road signs set onto posts looking out over the landscape. The road signs depict gates and a cow. The work engages with the idea of Britten’s utilitarian commissions and Englishness.

Sarah Lucas

Eros and Priapus, 2013 White cast concrete

Two large phallic casts. The works will be positioned amongst the existing stored materials and machinery within a derelict space at the Maltings so that all are encompassed by the installation. Eros is an enlarged version of an earlier small Penetralia work.

Big Marrow BB, Big Marrow PP. Two large concrete marrows will also be shown on the Hepworth Lawn.

Emily Richardson

Rising 5th (re-staging of a test for an unrealized memorial to Benjamin Britten), 2013

Video, audio and paper leaflet

The film relates to the story of the architect H.T. 'Jim' Cadbury-Brown’s proposed memorial to Benjamin Britten on Aldeburgh Beach and re-creates a sound experiment. A related sound installation will be sited at the Aldeburgh Beach South Lookout.

Julian Simmons



Audio work to be played live on the first Open Day and as a recording throughout the show thereafter in a space shared by Sarah Lucas’ sculptures. Using Fast Fourier Transform analysis [FFT], fundamental and partial frequencies have been extracted from existing recorded Britten performances to provide a reverse-engineered musical score. The new compositions will be played through electronic instruments made by the artist.

Juergen Teller

William Eggleston listening to Tchaikovsky, Memphis 2010

Pasted paper on billboard

Situated outdoors on external wall of the Concert Hall, which becomes a pertinent location for the figure enrap- tured by the music he is hearing - but that we are not.

Cally Spooner


Fragments of text and phrases excavated from Britten's correspondence and influences will be reproduced as bookmarks inserted at random into the Aldeburgh Festival Books and reprinted on till receipts.

Cerith Wyn Evans

340.29m/s (The Speed of Sound [approx.] at Sea Level), 2013

White neon; Poster: printed matter

A radio station local to Snape will be instructed by Cerith to transmit a Britten work, The Spacious Firmament on High, for a specified duration. Documentary evidence of the transmission will be printed. A neon sign depicting the speed at which sound travels at sea level will also be shown in the main concert hall.

SNAP 2013, Art at the Aldeburgh Festival, 8-30 June, Snape Maltings, Saxmundham, Suffolk, IP17 1SP 

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