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Students take the lead at art/science exhibition

— May 2013

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Images created for the Broad Vision project

University of Westminster launches collaborative art and science exhibition

The Broad Vision exhibition, 'Data, Truth and Beauty' features interdisciplinary works from art and science students.

The University of Westminster’s Broad Vision project will open an exhibition at the GV Art gallery in London on 23 May which will bring together the works of an interdisciplinary group of art and science students engaged in collaborative experimentation and research.

‘Data, Truth & Beauty’, which will run until 29 May, explores the integrity and aesthetics of information. It will feature digital investigations into data bending and glitch art; biological experiments with bacterial portraiture and self-illuminating sculpture; psychological studies on the perception of beauty; and creative explorations of the realms of reality.

The works on display are the result of what happens when a group of curious and questioning minds come together to explore alien territories, work with unfamiliar materials, and develop new ways of thinking. The Broad Vision ethos encourages self-directed learning through the sharing of skills and asking ‘What if…?’

Investigating areas as diverse as microbiology, programming, photography and qualitative research, students have collaboratively explored multiple avenues of inquiry, to find collective points of connection across the terrains of art and science.

Heather Barnett, Broad Vision Project Lead at the University of Westminster said:

The University of Westminster’s Broad Vision project is an innovative interdisciplinary model for learning, which puts the students in charge of their own research and allows them to explore new and stimulating interactions between art and science. The exhibition is a fantastic outlet for our students to showcase the results of their creative collaboration and engage the public with their curiosity and inquiry.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of free events designed to engage audiences in some of the laboratory/studio practices experienced on the Broad Vision project, and share the research and practice of the art and science students. Events include an afternoon of hands-on activities and an evening symposium exploring interdisciplinary research and inquiry. All events are designed and delivered by Broad Vision staff and students working in partnership. For further information, please visit the Broad Vision website.

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