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Katherine Swinfen Eady chases summer skies in Dorset

— June 2013

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Katherine Swinfen Eady, Racing to the Beach © the artist

'Chasing The Summer Skies'

New work by Katherine Swinfen Eady

1–19 June 2013

Accomplished contemporary artist Katherine Swinfen Eady has had a lifelong fascination with skies, hence the title for  her seventh solo exhibition, ‘Chasing the Summer Skies’ with The Jerram Gallery.

This latest body of paintings is a culmination of work gathered over the last 12 months, literally chasing the summer skies from the west coast of Scotland via Salisbury Plain to the South of France.  Last year was universally known as a very wet summer and Katherine’s attempts at painting en plein air were somewhat curbed by the weather as she attempted to capture the rare moments of sunlight. 

The most important part of a painting to Katherine is the sky. 

I always start with the sky and that colours the whole atmosphere of the painting.  It is the most important bit.  I quite often paint the sky in situ and then bring it all together in the studio,says Katherine.   

Her paintings demonstrate her ease with colour, always vibrant and playful, along with her sense of seeing the pattern within a landscape, which cleverly bring her panoramic views of Salisbury Plain to life.

Racing to the Beach was painted on one of those magical days on the West coast of Scotland, with the dog running on ahead and the sky full of sharp light before a storm.  Similarly, Rain & Sheep coming off the hill on the Isle of Mull was painted dashing between rain showers on a very wet day in the middle of June. 

The heat, Provence was inspired by a proper French hot summer’s day with the baking heat bouncing off the landscape, the rows of lavender in the background and sunflowers popping up through the vines.  Behind Les Baux, Provence was painted in the late afternoon with heavy clouds and an impending storm, the sky saturated with impending rain. 

Likewise, Blue haze in the distance was a gloriously hot day on Salisbury Plain.  The Naughty Sheep, Salisbury Plain depicts some escapé sheep coming down off Salisbury Plain wondering if they can cross the tank tracks – this was painted at the end of the summer and showing a lovely summer’s sky.

There will be around 26 works in the exhibition, mostly landscapes, with a small selection of still life paintings, always highly sought after.  Prices range from £1,000 to £5,000. 

Born in 1966, Katherine Swinfen Eady has lived on Salisbury Plain for many years.  She trained at Edinburgh College of Art, graduating in 1989 with an Honours Degree in Painting and Drawing.  The Scottish influence of her tutors, David Michie, William John Houston and George Donald, remains very strong in her work today.  In 2007 Katherine was awarded the prestigious William and Mary Armour Prize at The Paisley Art Institute.  This prize was in recognition of the manner in which her painting has evolved and reflects the popularity of her work amongst collectors.

The Jerram Gallery
Half Moon Street
Dorset DT9 3LN

T 01935 815261

E [email protected]

Gallery hours: Monday–Saturday, 9.30a.m.–5p.m.

The complete exhibition can be viewed online at  The exhibition will be accompanied by an illustrated catalogue.


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