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Online 3D art exhibition to showcase the art of Balraj Khanna

— June 2013

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The India Art Centre's Balraj Kanna exhibition is online 6–16 June

An online art exhibition featuring works from celebrated artist Balraj Khanna will be available from 6–16 June 2013. The exhibition is titled ‘A Journey of His Own’ and contains pieces created during the last 50 years of the artist’s career.

During the past few months, the Indian art market has enjoyed a boost in both exposure and sales. This is due in part to Sotheby's recent sale of the Amaya Collection, in March 2013, which featured 43 pieces of art, resulting in almost $7m in revenues. The increased exposure and sales reflect the growing new crowd of art collectors.

The Internet has also played a role in the developing market for Indian art. Collections exhibited in online galleries and sold on online auctions are drawing large numbers of interested, seasoned buyers, as well as a crowd of new-generation collectors, who often purchase artwork on the basis of a digital image. A recent study by Hiscox revealed that as many as 89% of surveyed galleries have sold various pieces to clients through the Internet, and surprisingly, many collectors were willing to spend as much as £50,000 on their online art purchases.

The Indian Art Centre is one of the galleries that features exclusive online art exhibitions. Their innovative use of new technology allows users to have a unique 3D experience in the comfort of their own homes. As collectors scroll through a  panoramic display, they can select various works of art that will pop-up and allow them a closer inspection.

Sue Hubbard (The Independent), recently had this to say about Khanna's work:

There is within this work the implicit belief that art should be both spiritual and uplifting. With its luminous colours and magical shapes, this is work that would sit well in public spaces to create moments of regeneration. You really don't have to know much about art to appreciate the glowing colours and to understand that Balraj Khanna's subjects are joy, harmony and the pleasure of living in the visual world.

The dates of the online pop-up exhibition are aligned with the Modern and Contemporary Art auctions organized at the main international auction houses. Each piece that is featured will be available for purchase, and art collectors are in for a treat because a highly anticipated series of never-before-seen small format works is going to be available to the public during the event.

Those interested in Khanna's art work can register at to receive a catalogue of the exhibition and they will also receive notification when the show is live. Interested parties are also able to arrange private viewings of the collection at the artist's studio in London.

Since Balraj Khanna was once described by Bryan Robertson as ‘one of the most distinguished painters living in England’, there will be a high level of interest in his online pop-up art exhibition.

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