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Australian Centre for Photography Spring Season 2013

— August 2013

Associated media

 Emmanuel Angelicas, Peace, 2004. Courtesy and © the artist.

Spring Season 2013

Emmanuel Angelicas | Rowan Conroy | Robert Besanko

31 August – 17 November 2013 FREE ENTRY

The Australian Centre for Photography 'Spring Season 2013' presents three Australian photographers, each with their own unique exploration of the photographic medium.

Emmanuel Angelicas’ Buka is the culmination of a decade photographing Balinese culture. From cock fighting and Balinese warriors, to portraits of the Balinese royal family, Angelicas presents this visceral series of photographs on various alternative surfaces such as stone, wood and silk, creating a unique insight into the island’s community, from the traditional to the contemporary.

Rowan Conroy followed in the footsteps of William John Woodhouse, an early 20th-century classical archaeologist, in order to rephotograph the historical sites originally documented by Woodhouse. Using large format, colour, digital photography Conroy recreates Woodhouse’s original glass plate negative photographs, documenting the past and present day.

The Spring Season brings the final three instalments of Robert Besanko’s Contemplations, a project revealed monthly over a 12-month period. Audiences are invited to contemplate the unique differences between traditional analogue photography and new digital representations of the works.

Besanko has revisited his original photographs taken since the 1970s printed on the now obsolete Kodalith paper and digitally enlarged a new version of the works. A new image is revealed monthly.

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