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Houghton extends exhbition of Catherine the Great's treasures

— August 2013

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Some of the paintings originally purchased by Britain's first prime minister, Robert Walpole and later sold to Catherine the Great of Russia, back on the walls at Houghton

Regular Cassone readers will have read in our June issue about the paintings once owned by Robert Walpole that were sold to settle the debts of his profligate heir. Catherine the Great bought them and despite the great risks of sea travel (one ship that was meant to collect them sank on the way to Britain) she managed to get them all back to Russia, where their current homes are now in the Hermitage and a few other state museums.

A substantial selection of these works are currently on loan to their old home, Houghton Hall in Norfolk. The exhibition was due to close on 29th September but has now been extended to 24 November, such is the demand to see the paintings. See Sue Ward's review, 'From Russia with love',  in Cassone's June issue.

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