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The Dijon Museum of Fine Arts at the dawn of a Renaissance

— August 2013

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Palais des Ducs et des États de Bourgogne © Musée des beaux-arts de Dijon.Photo: François Jay

On 7 September 2013, the Dijon Museum of fine arts will inaugurate its new Middle Ages and Renaissance gallery. After over 10 years of studies and work, the first phase of the ambitious renovation project comes to an end. The residents of Dijon and all the guests of the Burgundy capital will once again enjoy the Ducal Palace.

Now organized around the Bar Courtyard, an open and convivial circulation area, the Dijon Museum of Fine Arts will reassert its special place at the heart of the palace and city. The Middle Ages and Renaissance gallery, housed in a redesigned building that combines a modern extension and ancient architecture, will be revealed to the eyes of the public, thus making it possible to rediscover the Museum’s exceptional collections.

As ambassadors for these riches, the Pleurants (Mourners) of John the Fearless’ tomb, a masterpiece of mediaeval art, will return to the tombs’ blind arcades, at the heart of the Museum, after a triumphal tour in the United States, Europe and Paris. Thanks to this trip, over 700,000 visitors will have enjoyed the richness of Burgundy’s heritage.

In this new setting, with a configuration opening out onto the city, a reinvented museography and free access to the collections, the Museum will highlight, more than ever, the City of Dijon’s goal of making culture accessible to all, be they residents of Dijon, visitors or researchers.

Located at the heart of the Burgundy capital, the new museum will also be a major asset for Dijon, a metropolis with four TGV lines, an airport, two tram lines, cultural and sports venues of a high standard, economic activity areas in full development, dozens of eco-neighbourhoods being built and one of the largest protected sectors in France.

In September, the opening of the Museum of Fine Arts’ new Middle Ages and Renaissance gallery will provide international visibility to Dijon and Burgundy.

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