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Kabira Alieva captures everyday life with the tip of her pen

— September 2013

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Kabira Alieva's witty pen and ink drawings are on show now in Kensington

 ‘Livened By a Nib’

Exhibition on now until 15 September 2013:

Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about.― Oscar Wilde

‘Livened by a Nib’ is a solo exhibition presenting a collection of graphic works by artist Kabira Alieva. This collection portrays people’s everyday life and unites universal stems of human relationships. Here, fundamental themes of love, pain, joy, family, friendship, humour and, of course, art, run throughout the collection. Existing images finalized in drawing by Kabira, and in their own way secured in time on paper and canvas, jauntily aim for eternal life and a role in a paper theatre before audiences of different generations. The prototypes for the characters in these images are very often our own selves.

For Kabira, the beauty of working with a nib lies in the simplicity and speed with which one can genuinely and, at times without thinking, relay various emotions with a few marks and ink washes. Very often, a nib does not leave any time to think. In contact with a surface, the nib tags ink along its fibres to the very end until it reaches its goal and completes a cycle – from birth to rebirth of an idea or a feeling. Definitive marks and amorphous washes strip some scenes from life to their core or main elements. Often, these scenes are presented with humour so as to perceive them with ease and a smile, no matter how complicated life may seem.

Some of Kabira’s works will accompany a monoplay ‘To forgive one’s self’, written by Galina Lavrinenko and based on poetry of Anna Akhmatova. The play is produced by the Esoteric Theatre London, and will be performed by Tatiana Lavrentieva and directed by Dimitry Devdariani.

Venue address:

First floor
37 Kensington High Street
London W8 5ED UK
T: +44 (0)207 937 3355

Regular opening times: 10:00 to 18:00, Monday to Friday
Friday 13 September at 18:00 – Monoplay ‘To Forgive One’s Self’ (in Russian; adults only) accompanied by the exhibition
Sunday 15th at 19:00 – as above

Kabira Alieva was born in 1982 in Baku, Azerbaijan, and started drawing from the age of three. Drawing became an integral part of her life and has accompanied her studies in art (Central St Martin’s College of Art & Design) and biological sciences (Imperial College London, UCL). Kabira’s work was also strengthened by various cultural influences as her family moved from Azerbaijan to Istanbul, Turkey, and finally settled in London, UK. Kabira currently lives and works in London. Her work has been exhibited in Azerbaijan, Turkey, Germany, Switzerland and the UK, and is kept in many private collections all over the world.

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