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Alison Wilding's unique sculpture at Tate Britain

— December 2013

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Installation shot of Alison Wilding, Display, Duveen galleries, Tate Britain

Alison Wilding

Tate Britain: Display

Now on until 9 February  2014

Tate Britain’s Duveen galleries host a display of works by Alison Wilding, one of Britain’s foremost sculptors, known for her inventive approach to form and materials. Featuring a new acquisition, Vanish & Detail 2004, the display spans a significant period of the artist’s 40-year career with a selection of works drawn from Tate’s collection.

Wilding’s works represent abstract sculpture at its best, combining a rich variety of materials, techniques and forms.

There are five major works on display:  Locust (1983), Assembly (1991), Harbour (1994–6),  Vanish & Detail (2004) and Largo (2002).

Wilding’s sculptures often bring together two separate elements establishing close relationships between contrasting materials, textures and colours while exploring the polarities between light and shadow, revelation and concealment.

She has consistently produced ambitious and innovative sculptures that demonstrate a direct and pragmatic attitude towards materials and examine the complexities of sculptural perception.

The forthcoming catalogue Alison Wilding: Vanish & Detail (to be published by Ridinghouse in Spring 2014) will feature over 30 illustrations and an interview between the artist and curator Carmen Julía; a survey text by Anna Moszynska groups the works in relation to the corresponding sculptures made by Wilding throughout the duration of her career. 

Tate Britain
London SW1P 4RG

Alison Wilding is represented by the Karsten Schubert Gallery, 5–8 Lower John Street, Golden Square, London W1F 9DR

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