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Hardcore beauty

— April 2014

Associated media

Robert Muntean, Master and Everyone (2014) oil on canvas, 180x210cm  © 2014 Rosenfeld Porcini, All rights reserved.

4 April – 31 May 2014

rosenfeld porcini gallery is showing ‘The Hardcore of Beauty', a first solo UK exhibition featuring
new oil works on canvas and paper by Austrian painter Robert Muntean.

Muntean’s paintings are built up from multiple layers of applied paint. His work includes a wide variety of hues and shades often of the same colour – in particular he uses green. Muntean’s narrative, whilst always based on the human figure, varies quite considerably from historical figures to cinematic characters to rock musicians. The artist himself considers this exhibition to be his most musical. He has aimed at a harmony and rhythm in the final works, deriving from how he applies the paint, which for him resonates with the dynamism and shading of a musical score.

Rosenfeld Porcini 
37 Rathbone Street
United Kingdom

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