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High-end cardboard furniture goes on show in Milan

— April 2014

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Furniture by Sanserif Creatius, including the Grandpa Clock (left)

A grandfather clock, tactile lamps and foldable seats made with recycled corrugated cardboard of high resistance define the Spanish contribution to 'Anatomy of Design' this week in Milan.

The pieces will be part of the exhibition 'Anatomy of Design',  which brings together creatives from diverse countries and disciplines annually in the district of Tortona, Milan.

The show is on from Tuesday, 8 April  until  Sunday, 13 April at the Nhow Hotel of Milan  (Nhow 35, Tortona Street, Milan) with a selection of the cardboard furniture of Sanserif Creatius, as part of the Milan Design Week, parallel to the Salone Mobile.

This international exhibition gathers the work of 15 designers from 10 countries, from the US, Taiwan, Croatia and the Czech Republic, among others, presenting innovations in furniture and other products, handmade pieces and jewellery, in which they use both traditional techniques and new materials.

In this edition, Spain is represented by the Valencian design team Sanserif Creatius, which presents a selection of furniture and lamps made with recycled corrugated cardboard with a strong aesthetic component, far from the typical uses of cardboard.

One piece is GrandPa Clock, a hall clock almost two metres tall, in which imitates the dies and mechanisms characteristic of these classic pieces. Other pieces are the Lumbrera lamp, a lamp with typographic and green inspiration, with a source of illumination  that is LED, tactile and wireless.

All the pieces that will be presented at the showroom Anatomia del Design at the Nhow Hotel are part of the new generation of products that tend to encourage awareness in society about the importance of sustainability and reduction of environmental impact. They also have a social aspect, being constructed at special employment centres.

Sanserif Creatius is a ‘laboratory of ideas’ that specialises in creating desirable objects, from jewellery to furniture, interior design or fashion and decoration accessories. Examples have been sold to clients in Frankfurt, Cairo, Los Angeles and Milan. A recent source of inspiration is Japan and its influence in Spanish craftsmanship. Sanserif Creatius is a finalist in the National Prize of Craftsmanship and has won several international awards. The team have edited books about design thinking, such as Articulado and three volumes of Hiatus.

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