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Menthe Wells shows at San Luis Obispo Museum of Art

— May 2014

Associated media

Menthe Wells, Reclining Dude, mixed media

 Artist Menthe Wells, interviewed in Cassone in April 2013,   has a show currently at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art – until 27 June  2014. Menthe Wells is a New York School Abstract Expressionist.  The exhibition of paintings and welded steel sculpture expresses her synaesthetic involvement with the sensual aspects of unspoiled places.  The artist’s work uses synaesthesia in thematic variations of specific fine arts themes of paintings of landscapes.

This exhibition is extremely significant in her career as the exhibition will hold at least 14 of her most recent paintings and sculptures. The main gallery of the museum, The Gray Gallery, will house the exhibition, which is called ‘SYNERGY’.  Menthe Wells will lecture at the museum on her art work on Friday, 6 June  at 5p.m.. A Reception will be held from 6–9p.m.

Menthe Wells’ art is greatly influenced by synaesthetics, predominately an American Art Movement, combining Abstract Expressionism with influences of natural elements. She is listed on the website devoted to synaesthetic art: . The synesthetic movement, as an aspect of Abstract Expressionism, emerged in the period of 1970–85 with American artists. The insights of the process and neuro-psychophysical elements of this creative force were explained as synaesthesia both at Yale University and Syracuse University.

Menthe Wells’ paintings size range from under 14 inches  to murals 32 feet long. The recent works include multiple series of thematic hangings that are over 7 feet high and component thematic paintings  six feet by 5 feet, other large series of paintings in groupings of 18, and various triptychs exhibited in America and in international exhibitions.  Large welded steel sculpture in two series will be exhibited.

Forests, beaches in California, colour and the light found in France, colour and sound-related feeling in Spain and the countryside of the United Kingdom add to the rich content of the work. Paintings embrace mixed media with collage, watercolor, acrylic, oil and printmaking that interweave within imagery that includes childhood experiences on the eastern seaboard of America mixed with imagery gained in European and Asian landscapes. Expression of nature, central to California, is distinctly recognized, combine with other influences.  

Visit Menthe Wells own website  for more information.

San Luis Obispo Museum of Art
1010 Broad St
San Luis Obispo
CA 93401,



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