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Simplified subscription process for Cassone

— May 2014

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Cassone just got easier to subscribe to!

Yes, we know people had some problems with our old subscription process - we never liked it but were told we were stuck with it. Well, our computer and Internet guru, Noel Hinton, has found a way to make it easier. So you no longer need a validation code email - which had a habit of getting stuck in people's junk filters.

Now, new subscribers simply register their details, click on the 'Complete registration' button and go through to the payment section. As before, you have the option of using a gift or discount voucher if you have one, or paying using either a PayPal account or your debit/credit card. The subscription is still £10 for 12 months (£5 for full-time or part-time students studying at any educational institution anywhere in the world).

If you haven't tried Cassone yet, now is the time. If you would like a free one-week trial, just go to and register. On the next page you are given the opportunity to enter a 'gift or discount voucher' - in the box enter: CASSTRY  (capital letters) and click on 'Apply voucher'. You won't be asked for credit card or PayPal  details. if at any time in future - not just during the trial - you wish to pay for a subscription, you will not have to register again. You will always be able to log in using the email address and password you chose when registering, and can then 'Activate' or 'Extend' subscription by paying. If you still have any problems drop us a line and we will sort them out.

Subscribers can read all the – many hundreds of – articles, reviews, interviews and features published since launch in May 2011, as well as the new content added every month. Cassone lives up to its name - a treasure chest of lovely things!

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