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Fancy some free art?

— October 2014

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In aworld first’, an art gallery in central London will be giving away every single one of its exhibits to passers-by (free!) this Friday as part of the #FreeArtFriday phenomenon. The initiative, almost an antithesis to Frieze Week, will see numerous photo exhibits handed out to Londoners who find themselves passing by the ‘Art by the People, For the People’ exhibition at Art Galleries Europe (18 Maddox St, London, W1S 1PL) this Friday.

The give-away will take place at midday on Friday. Worth a look if you are passing!

As a taster the gallery gave away a few pieces of art work last Friday, dotting them around the streets of London with a ‘take me I’m free’ sign – you can see the reactions on the video above (password to access video: thisisqueensland)

To give you some background to the ‘Art by the People, For the People’ art exhibition and its subsequent giveaway, please see below:

The ‘Art by the People, For the People’ art exhibition opened on Wednesday 15 October

The exhibition was set up following the world's largest ever 'Instameet', which took place in Queensland on 4 October (over 1,000 instagrammers took part, sharing over 6,000 images)

The exhibition is showcasing 50 of the best images to come out of the Queensland Instameet, displaying the state’s fascinating natural environments, local characters and vibrant culture through a variety different perspectives, eyes and lenses

Encouraging interaction, visitors to the exhibition are able to personalise, edit and print their favourite images from the gallery during their visit to take home with them (free of charge).

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