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Guide to commercial art galleries goes online

— October 2014

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The Galleries Now homepage

 The official launch of, a new guide to the world’s top commercial art galleries, took place on 30 September. The portal is the creation of Patrick and Tristram Fetherstonhaugh, brothers and co-founders. The basis for their idea was to use an algorithm, similar to GooglePageRank, to rank international commercial galleries in the cities of London, Paris, Berlin and New York.  They call it ‘a one-stop passport to the art world’.

The main attraction was originally for consumer use but art dealers will find the site an essential tool for their business too. ‘It all started with a problem a year ago’, states Tristram. He and his brother consider a visit to an art exhibition as ‘the magic moment in the unfolding of art history’ but the vast amount of shows to see meant that some would be missed as there was no clear resource to show exactly what was on and where and for how long.

The first plan was to work out which galleries would feature on their site. Their choice linked to four major cities of contemporary art, New York, Paris, London and Berlin. They are now spreading out to wherever great galleries are, for example in São Paulo, Dubai, and Johannesburg.

The easiest way to understand what the brothers’ have achieved with is to visit the site  . Here one can explore exhibitions by gallery, by exhibiting artist, by public galleries with the addition of an art map which covers the whole world, and an app that shows which galleries are near you. On the site installation shots from each exhibition give a clear view of what’s on and what can be seen. Tristram believes it is ‘revolutionising the way you can look at art’.

To kickstart the launch they have announced their list of the World’s Top Ten Contemporary Art Galleries. They are:

David Zwimmer, Gagosian Gallery, Galerie Perrotin, Galleria Continua, Hauser & Worth; Lehmann Maupin, Marian Goodman Gallery, Matthew Marks Gallery, Pace, and White Cube.

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