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New Menthe Wells show in Poland

— October 2014

Associated media

Menthe Wells, Moon Slices, soft sculpture

Menthe Wells’ new European exhibition of 50 art works, both painting and sculpture, will be opening this week in Lublin in Poland, now becoming an emerging centre of art for Europe. In this new centre of international art, the University Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej provides a museum environment of stillness yet strength for Menthe Wells’ art exhibition in the Uniwersytet’s Zajezdnia’s Galler, opening on 2 October 2014.  The Menthe Wells Exhibition was installed in September and runs through to the end of October with Menthe Wells work additionally exhibited in the Municipal Contemporary Art Gallery in Zamosc.  Worldwide art has come together there in recent years under the curatorial direction of Dean Artur Popek, an artist who has exhibited internationally.

In her work, Menthe Wells’ aims to convey strength and sensitivity with vibrant and expressive colour embracing the core of modern contemporary American art. She is exhibiting painting and sculpture and departs from the welded steel work shown in her current exhibitions in the USA and returns to the work for which four decades ago she was dubbed by the American Press (Harford Courant) the ‘Soft Sculpturist Exraordinaire’. The exhibit includes a 9’x12’ soft sculpture made of fibre called Moon Slices, communicating the artist’s personal experience working as an artist on the Apollo Mission in her 20s. The vibrant colours in the The University Marii Curie-Sklodowskiej exhibitions of Menthe Wells work are a distinct contrast to the softness of her colours in ‘Synergy’ which was one of her recent museum exhibitions in the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. 

As a contrast note that synaesthetic experience is evident with the feeling of autumn in Zajezdnia and the Municipal Contemporary Art Gallery as compared with the spring installation of Synergy in the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art. Synaesthetic expression characterizes her work as the natural experience of one sense evoking another. Both the artist, Menthe Wells, and the viewers share the experiences of the senses and the artist’s intention of communication through colour and shape relationships.   

In this autumn period of exhibitions, Menthe Wells’ paintings and sculptures are currently on exhibition in The Laguna Design Center, ‘Provasai Collections’, Southern California,  sculpture (September 2014–onwards), in the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, California ‘Spirit Animal Painting Exhibition’ July 2014 –September 2014 and University/Uniwersytet Marii-Curie-Sklodowskiej W. Lublinie, University Zajezdnia Gallery, Lublin and in the Municipal Contemporary Art Gallery, Zamosc  Poland 2014 European Exhibition: Poland 2014.  Additionally, her work is on exhibition currently in galleries throughout America and is online,  Art Price and among other sites. 

Approximately 500 viewers attended the opening night of her large exhibition of 29 exhibited works in the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, California – ‘SYNERGY’ exhibition 16 May 16–29 June 2014. Menthe Wells has been curated into future museum exhibitions in Asia including one featured in Taiwan in 2015.    Cassone interviewed Menthe Wells in April 2013.

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