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Another one to catch at London's most democratic art gallery

— November 2014

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Cecilia Ferraro, Mercurial Hallucination (detail)

Mercurial Hallucination

Painting by Cecilia Ferraro

Mercurial Hallucination is on display 24 hours a day, seven days a week at The London Arts Board from 10 November  to 10 December 2014.

Ferraro has painted ever since she was a child. This painting is part of a series entitled ‘Mercurial Hallucinations’. The inspiration comes from observations of nature, and the paintings feel as all encompassing as a jungle, or as mesmerizing as the sun on the surface of a lake. They ripple with movement and life, shimmer like a pool of quicksilver.

Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ferraro studied at University of Arts London and currently lives and works in London. You can see more of her work on her website.

The London Arts Board is a dis-used municipal notice board on the corner of Peckham Road and Vestry Road, Camberwell.

It is now a gallery dedicated to giving emerging artists the chance to have a solo exhibition in London.

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