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Last weekend of Cass Sculpture Foundation's 2014 season

— November 2014

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Eva Rothschild, Culture and Nature (2014), in the beautiful setting of the Cass Sculpture Foundation

Eva Rothschild’s monumental new work, Culture and Nature, on display at the Cass Sculpture Foundation, seems to transcend the limitations of its own structure. The web of interconnected lines is, on closer inspection, eight panels of latticed, hand-painted aluminium that sometimes adjoin and elsewhere fall short of each other, creating small gaps of air. The precarious sense of physical energy the work creates both confuses the eye, and elicits the viewer’s active engagement

The Foundation is open until 2 November 2014 so do visit this weekend and see this season’s exciting programme of new loans and commissions, including works by Michael Joo, Gary Webb and Juliana Cerqueria Leite as well as Culture and Nature, pictured above.

If you can’t make it this weekend, viewings can be arranged by appointment throughout the winter months.

Cass Sculpture Foundation was established in 1992 by Wilfred and Jeannette Cass. Set within 26 acres of West Sussex countryside, the Foundation was conceived as a unique charitable foundation. It is composed of exhibition spaces, an educational resource and a commissioning body.

Cass Sculpture Foundation
New Barn Hill
Goodwood, nr. Chichester
West Sussex
PO18 0QP
United Kingdom

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