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Pengo and Pizzo show in London

— November 2014

Associated media

Alessandro Pizzo, Dopo I percorsi liquidi 3 2013 Enamel on canvas 100x100cm © Alessandro Pizzo

L’Utopia Della Pittura

Alessandro Pizzo

Renato Pengo

10 November – 10 December 2014

Moor House, 120 London Wall, City of London EC2Y 5ET

ArtMoorHouse is currently showing ‘L’Utopia Della Pittura’, an exhibition of work by two Italian artists, both from Padua, positioning the well-established Renato Pengo alongside promising young painter Alessandro Pizzo. The exhibition runs until 10 December 2014.

Despite their diversity of expression, for this show the artists have nurtured a synergy with and understanding of the content and needs of art in our times, crowded with a wide array of languages aimed exclusively at dramatization. Simultaneously, both artists, diverse in age and technical training, reveal in their work a vision incorporating feeling, knowing and communicating.

This understanding has developed over the past three to four years through continuous dialogue – the works presented in this exhibition are the result of this discourse.

Born from an artistic preoccupation that has been a major concern for Renato Pengo for several decades, L’Utopia Della Pittura: ‘The Utopia of Painting’, similarly draws on and aims to unravel brief moments of psycho-sensory consciousness. In the early 1970s, Pengo’s works departed from his academic background as he sought new ways of experimentation – rigorously cerebral serial structures leading to the almost true essence of colour.

ArtMoorHouse say:

The strenuously self-reflective character and the strictly contemporary themes of Pengo's artistic research, which is evident in this exhibition at Moor House in the works of both artists, placed him in a particular position in the Italian and European contemporary art landscape. As we see a shift in more recent years to anthropology and psychoanalysis, the discourse between Pizzo and Pengo can be seen as a development of an already essential command: the expression of a poetry that evolves in the spiritual and imaginary universe, pregnant with vibrations and cosmic energy, in a space that becomes the immaterial void.

Moor House
120 London Wall
City of London

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