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New sundial erected on the south bank of the Thames

— March 2015

Associated media

The Mayor of Southwark, Mr Sumil Chopra, and Mr Piers Nicholson inspect the sundial

A new landmark has been erected on the south bank of the Thames, close to Tower Bridge and opposite the Tower of London. After many months of planning, design and construction, a beautiful new sundial was inaugurated on Thursday 18 March by the Mayor of Southwark, Councillor Sumil Chopra. If you want to know the 'real' time – the sun's time – consult a sundial.

The design of the new sundial is by Piers Nicholson, interviewed in Cassone, June 2011,  who also designed the linear sundial that stands on the north bank opposite Tate Modern (see the interview for an image of that).

The site was made available by site managers More London and paid for by private sponsorship.

For more information about how sundials are designed and how they work, see our interview with Piers Nicholson.

To read the rest of Cassone free of charge, follow this link or go to one of the links above and subscribe from that page, free of charge.

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