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Patrick Richard show in Liege, Belgium

— March 2015

Associated media

Travel Gallery, Liege, Belgium


[O2] – Photo Exhibition in Liege, Belgium

On now until 16 May 2015

 [O2], Patrick Richard’s 5th exhibition, was held in 2011 at the Kendra Gallery in Bali, then in 2012 and 2013 in Singapore and Thaïland. It was in Paris for four months in 2013. It has now moved to the beautiful Travel Gallery in Belgium.

The artist ‘s aim is to offer us a chance to pause, to be aware of the present and the scarcity of our surroundings. He also asks poetically the question of our Becoming, which he says, without due respect for one another, remains a permanent interrogation.

Travel gallery

Boulevard d’Avroy 34 - 4000 Liege - Belgium - tel: +3243328000 -

Critic Peter Rottern has written of Richard’s work:

Photography can be artsy, journalistic, playful, magnetic, often courageous, sometimes heroic, rarely poetic to the true meaning of the word. Playing with structure, binding together meter and rhythm, enjoy caesura and rime; a cocktail of alliterations and assonances that, with questions or answers, enlivens enjambments and metaphors to give us subtle allegories, gracefully and with a voluptuous talent. The pictures become verbal prints, and wherever we set our eyes, the intention, singular or plural, enters in a personal musicality. They bound together, in a harmony sometimes lyrical, where sincerity prevails on a sensual frolicsome act. Vision tends to become tamed and light, almost airily, for finally extract the Being and simply exist, abandoning any thinking. Souls hovering between heaven and earth, celestial witnesses of what is, reconnecting with the grace of an abstract genesis carved within their very dust.. Solar beings moved by polar vibes, from many they make one, universal and timeless ensemble of a near abstract reality, resting on our holy tree… of life.

Universe defined by expression or perception, offering to the full pleasure of our eyes, heart and mind, a serene mix, of quantum and oneiric nature. Let your unconscious dance on a timeless composition.


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