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'Nice art' and a day at the seaside

— April 2015

Associated media

Jeffrey Louis-Reed, The Flock (2015).  Sheep, pedestal, walkie talkie. Shown at 2015 Chinese open and might incorporate a walkie talkie or sound element

This April Lucy Bell, St Leonard’s on Sea, will be handing over the gallery to  artist Jeffrey Louis-Reed (aka DJ Disastronaut/Jeffrey Disaster).

Nice Mid-Sized Pieces For Nice Mid-Sized Walls

Exhibition continues to 22 May

Gallery Open Tuesday–Saturday 11a.m.–4p.m. or Sunday 1–4p.m.

US born Jeffrey Louis-Reed is a prolific artist, swimmer, composer/musician/DJ, and writer who (in turn) writes national columns, composes film soundtracks and DJs at clubs, festivals and events around the world.

He  has recently installed works at RCA, ‘Monday for Manorisms’ (alongside Pure Evil, Pablo Fiasco, Banksy). His work has had common themes for many years – the use of found objects, non-art materials, found photographs, music and ephemera; the use of a restricted palette of off white gesso, black and red; heads drawn over heads – graphic bodies and corpuscular shapes – always referencing the materials painted on. This practice has extended into film, music – where he’s on many international digital stores and streaming services such as spotify; and above all an obsessive work ethic where over 11,000 pieces were made last year – and the pace isn’t letting up.

Currently Jeffrey is working across four studios in his adopted home town of Hastings close to where he was once assistant to the polymath Derek Jarman, where days would be spent gardening, writing scripts, filming, painting and collecting beach detritus for all the above.

Jeffrey is also producing music for his new record deal on Fatboy Slim’s label Southern Fried; DJing weekly at his Dogstar club in Brixton, now in its 20th year; he currently is the culture editor for Phoenix Magazine; and contributor to Urban Junkies, Brixton Radio and The Industry, where he is the music director.

2014 was a busy year with over 20 shows – in seven countries – and 2015 is looking similarly busy. Highlights included solo shows in Tokyo, Paris, London and New York; and all three Art Car Boot Fairs.  He also did the Big Deal shows, Chinese Open, and has work at Moniker and London Art Fairs. Obsessed with cakes, Jeffrey took over the Soho patisserie Maison Bertaux for a show – where Noel Fielding was one of the buyers – collecting a smiling baguette painting and a boring still life – repainted.

In 2015 he has new shows at Venice Biennale, South Korea, Paris several times, Tokyo again, Kentucky, Doel (near Antwerp)  Berlin, Paris x 2, South Korea, Tokyo, Miami, New York, Chateau Miranda, London (Chinese Open, Art car boot fair, Big Deal, many more).

Jeffrey also is swimming the English Channel this August (he was support swimmer on a successful Channel swim in 2014).

The works, which will be for sale, are affordable and collectable 

Lucy Bell Fine Art 
46 Norman Road
St Leonards on Sea
East Sussex
TN38 0EJ

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