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The Whitney, New York, offers great perk to 'Founding Members'

— April 2015

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The new building for the Whitney Museum of American Art opens 1 May - but you could get in sooner...

The new building for New York’s Whitney Museum of American Art opens to the public on 1 May, but a very special weekend is planned just for ‘Founding Members’ on 25 and 26 April. And it's not too late to become a Founding Member.

The grand opening of the new building, which includes a theatre with views of the Hudson river, outdoor exhibition spaces, and the largest column-free gallery in Manhattan, will be an historic New York City event. Founding Members will get into this 220,000-square-foot space first! They will also get a preview of the inaugural exhibition ‘America Is Hard to See’, which will be the largest and most extensive display to date of the Whitney’s unparalleled permanent collection of 20th- and 21st-century American art.

To ensure your place at this exciting preview event, you need to become a Founding Member. When you do, the Whitney will email your temporary membership card so you will be able to attend Founding Members Weekend.

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