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Photographs of Frida Kahlo go on show in New York

— May 2015

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Nickolas Muray image of FRIDA WITH FAWN, 1939, gelatin silver print 4.5x6ins

This is a possibly unique opportunity to see more than 30 rare and vintage photographs of Frida Kahlo taken  at her beloved ‘La Casa Azul’ in Mexico by 20 photographers.

21 May– 12 September
Throckmorton Fine Art
New York

There will be a special talk by Dr Salomon Grimberg, Saturday 30 May  at 3p.m. 

He is an expert on the life and work of Frida Kahlo.

The exhibition, ‘Mirror Mirror…Frida Kahlo Photographs’ coincides with a comprehensive series of events honouringFrida Kahlo at the New York Botanical Gardens.

The exhibition features vintage and rare images of Frida Kahlo by Gisele Freund, Nickolas Muray, Emmy Lou Packard, Diego Rivera, Juan Guzman, Peter Juley, Bernard Silverstein, Carl Van Vechten, Edward Weston, Lucienne Bloch, Manuel Alvarez Bravo,Lola Alvarez Bravo, Mayo Brothers, Leo Matiz, Fritz Henle and Hector Garcia– as well as several works on paper by Kahlo.

The Throckmorton show is being staged to coincide with a comprehensive series of events at the New York Botanical Garden, also beginning in May, that includes a show of Frida Kahlo (1907–54) paintings and works on paper, curated by art historian Adriana Zavala, that highlights Kahlo’s intense interest in the natural world and botanicals.

‘FRIDA KAHLO: Art,Garden, Life’will also feature a dramatically ‘re-imagined’ version of Frida Kahlo’s garden, home and studio in Mexico, ‘La Casa Azul’at the Enid A. Haupt Conservatoryat the New York Botanical Garden.

Dr Salomon Grimberg, M.D., one of the leading experts on the life and work of Frida Kahlo, has written the catalogue essay for this show. He will give a talk at the Throckmorton Fine Art gallery titled, ‘Frida saw herself in a photograph before discovering mirrors...’  on Saturday, 30 May at 3p.m.

He says:

Frida Kahlo's father was a photographer, and as a girl, she saw her looks in his photographs of her before she discovered mirrors, which became the inseparable companions that provided her with a sense of self.

As much, if not more than any movie star in Mexico, Kahlo was photographed and her photos nurtured the limelight around her. During her first trip to the United States, she was photographed by Lucienne Bloch, Imogene Cunningham, Peter Juley, Martin Munkacsi, Nickolas Muray, Carl van Vechten, and Edward Weston; and the list grew. In Mexico, she posed for Lola Alvarez Bravo, Miguel Alvarez Bravo, Miguel Covarrubias, Gisele Freund, Hector Garcia, Antonio Kahlo, and Berenice Kolko, among others. She was also photographed by Andre Breton and Dora Maar. Lola Alvarez Bravo claimed Kahlo was sought after by photographers because of her aesthetic allure. Today, those same photographs, which drew the public with her magic, continue seducing others. Kahlo and her exotic beauty are part of the universal conscious and everyone was a part of that.  There is the right photograph for the right Frida adorateur.  

21 May– 12 September
Throckmorton Fine Art
145 East 57 Street
3rd floor
New York
NY 10022

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