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Sean Scully exhibits in France

— August 2015

Associated media

Installation shot of work by Sean Skully

Sean Scully
Different Places

Curated by Kelly Grovier
Château la Coste, Le Puy-Sainte-Réparade, France


‘Different Places’, an exhibition of new and selected key work by Sean Scully, continues at Château La Coste until 31 October.

Taking as its theme the various landscapes through which Scully has moved since the turn of the millennium, ‘Different Places’ features 13 oil paintings from 2002 to 2015, a selection of drawings and watercolours, as well as a new monumental Corten steel outdoor sculpture, Boxes Full of Air (2015). The vast metallic armature of Boxes Full of Air, whose sturdy construction paradoxically holds nothing but the shadows and light that fall through its open framework, stands in contrast to the enormous permanent stone sculpture, Wall of Light Cubed (2007), which stretches across the landscape nearby.

Among the paintings on display in the new gallery space of Château la Coste’s recently converted Old Wine Storehouse is a new triptych, Arles-Nacht-Vincent (2015), with which Scully pays homage to the intensity and achievement of Vincent Van Gogh, whose imagination is for ever linked to the Provençal setting of the exhibition. The large oil paintings on show take visitors on a journey from Mooseurach, which invokes the brooding rhythms of the Bavarian forest, where the artist has a studio, to the sunbaked gold and haemoglobin red of Barcelona Green, which absorbs the light of another city where Scully works, to the sombre vibrations of Wall of Light Angel, which envelopes observers in its otherworldly gloaming. The concluding work in the show, created earlier this year, Landline Inwards, with its meditative horizontality of dark stripes, provides a bold contrast to the evaporative atmosphere of the show’s luminous surroundings.

A fully illustrated publication, with a text by Kelly Grovier, is available.

Major solo exhibitions taking place in 2015 include; Follow The Heart, Shanghai Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, travelling to the CAFA Museum, Beijing; Sean Scully 1974-2015, Pinacoteca do Estado, São Paulo; Carinthia, Museum Liaunig, Austria; Land Sea, Palazzo Falier, Venice Biennale, Figure-Abstract , Kunsthalle Rostock, Germany, travelling to Crawford Art Gallery, Cork and a new permanent installation in the Romanesque chapel Santa Cecília de Montserrat, Barcelona. On May 12, he became the first living artist to have a major solo exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland.

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