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All material on this website is protected by copyright. Individual articles and reviews are copyright of the author, subject to the conditions set out below. Advertisements are copyright of the advertisers concerned. All other material is  © 2011, 2012 Cassone Art Limited. All rights reserved.

No part of this website, either text or images, may be used for any purpose other than personal use, unless explicit, written authorization is given by Cassone Art Limited. Reproduction, modification, storage or retransmission, in any form or by any means is strictly prohibited without prior written permission. If you are unsure what this means, or have an enquiry, please contact us on [email protected]

Authors whose work in published in Cassone grant Cassone Art Limited (‘Cassone’) an exclusive licence to publish the above contribution online on the Cassone website and otherwise at Cassone’s discretion.

The author remains the copyright owner of the contribution.

No contribution from any author will be published unless an Exclusive Licence Form (ELF) has been signed and received by Cassone Art Limited.  

An author who wishes to re-use the content of a review or article that has been published in Cassone, must first contact the Editor for details of our conditions.

All submissions are published subject to the discretion of the editorial and advisory boards of Cassone. Theywill be edited to ensure that they are grammatical, correctly spelt (Oxford English spelling conventions apply), and are expressed in language that the editors deem suitable for Cassone’s intended readership. If any article/review is longer than is considered desirable by the editors, or contains any statements that in the editors’ opinion are inaccurate, inflammatory, libellous or in any way likely to offend readers or bring Cassone into disrepute, the article may be cut by the editors to resolve any such problem.

Authors must warrant:

1. that their contribution is an original work, has not been published before and is not being considered for publication elsewhere in its final form in either printed or electronic form 

2. that he or she has obtained permission from the copyright holder to reproduce online in the contribution any material not owned by him or her, and that he or she has acknowledged the source

3. that this contribution contains no violation of any existing copyright or other third-party right or any material of an obscene, indecent, libellous or otherwise unlawful nature and that to the best of the author’s knowledge the contribution does not infringe the rights of others

4. that if the contribution has multiple authors, the submitting author has obtained, in writing, authorization to enter into this Agreement on behalf of the other authors and that all co-authors have read and agreed these terms

5. that he or she has obtained permission from the copyright holders of any copyright material reproduced in the contribution that is not the author’s own copyright

6. that he or she will indemnify and keep indemnified the Editors and Cassone Art Limited against all claims and expenses (including legal costs and expenses) arising from any breach of this warranty and the other warranties on his or her behalf in this Agreement.

The author must sign an ELF and thereby agree that Cassone Art Limited may arrange for the contribution to be:

•published online in Cassone, and sold or distributed on its own or with other related material in any format

•reproduced and/or distributed (throughout the world in printed, electronic or any other medium whether now known or hereafter devised, in all languages, and to authorize third parties (including reproduction rights organizations) to do the same.

The author must agree that Cassone Art Limited may use in any part ofCassone and in any marketing material any images from the contribution that were supplied by the said author.

The author must authorize Cassone Art Limited  to act on his or her behalf to defend the copyright in the contribution if anyone should  infringe it, although there is no obligation on Cassone Art Limited to act in this way.

Copyright in the contribution remains in the author’s name.

The author, as copyright holder of the submitted article or review, must grant Cassone Art Limited an exclusive licence to publish the Article/Review in printed and electronic form, in all languages, and to administer subsidiary rights agreements with third parties for the full period of copyright and all renewals, extensions, revisions and revivals.

Cassone Art Limited undertake to acknowledge the author of a contribution  at the end of the contribution. It is the author’s responsibility to provide the correct information for this acknowledgement.

When an author has signed an ELF, the rights conveyed in it will apply only upon acceptance of the contribution for publication. Cassone Art Limited is not obliged to publish any article submitted at any particular time or at all, notwithstanding any statements made concerning such publication. Cassone Art Limited and the editors undertake to act in good faith and use their best endeavours to publish material as soon as possible after it has been submitted, provided that it meets the requirements of the magazine and its editors.

Data Protection

Cassone Art Limited may store a contributor’s name and contact details in electronic format in order to correspond with the contributor about the publication of his or her contribution inCassone.  The directors and staff of Cassone Art Limited may also use such information to contact authors from time to time with information about new developments at Cassone and to ask contributors if they wish to make further contributions. Authors who do not wish to be contacted again must make this clear on their ELF.

Third-party material  used on the Cassone website

In order that Cassone be illustrated as fully as possible, in the interests of readers and those of the authors whose books are being reviewed, the editors will make their best endeavours to obtain images to illustrate articles and reviews. Where the author of an article or review supplies images, they are expected to undertake to take photographs themselves, where applicable, and license Cassone Art Limited to reproduce such images online in Cassone. If the author of a book review or article obtains images from a third party, such as a publisher, gallery, property owner or any other party, it is the responsibility of that author to obtain permission for the image to be used online in Cassone. Where the editors themselves obtain images for publication, the editors undertake to obtain the correct permission to use the images.

If for any reason an image appears in Cassone for which the proper permission has not been obtained, for instance because of any misunderstanding or oversight on the part of Cassone’s editors or its contributors, Cassone Art Limited undertakes to make full acknowledgement of the copyright owner whose rights have been infringed and, if the copyright owner wishes, remove the image(s) concerned from the Cassone website immediately, as soon as the copyright owner has informed Cassone Art Limited of the position. Anyone claiming a copyright that has apparently been infringed must supply evidence that they are in fact the true owner.

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