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Photography & media

Candid camera? Hollywood stars for public consumption

— April 2015

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Lauren Bacall and Vice President (soon to be President) Harry S. Truman entertaining American Servicemen at the National Press Club canteen, Washington DC Warner Brothers, February 1945 Image courtesy of the John Kobal Foundation

‘Contrived, controlled and certainly not candid’, shots of the film stars from Hollywood’s ‘golden age’ can still be very revealing

Hollywood Unseen: Photographs from the John Kobal Foundation by Robert Dance, edited by Gareth Abbott

The publicity departments of Hollywood film studios such as Columbia, Paramount, MGM, Universal, Warner Brothers and RKO created thousands of promotional images each year to satisfy the wishes of film fans.  They can be categorized loosely as formal portraits, action stills from films and candid shots of the stars.  This book highlights the latter category, film stars relaxing...

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