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Photography & media

China in the 20th century: The revolution has been photographed

— June 2015

Associated media

Interior selection from Gli impressioni di Manciu-cuo (Impressions of Manchukuo), documenting the visit of an Italian delegation sent courtesy Benito Mussolini. (Fengtian, China: Manchukuo Imperial Government, c.1938)

Louis Byrne can’t get away from Chairman Mao – but perhaps China can’t either

How long can you chat with a Chinese person before you mention Mao Zedong? Viewing ‘The Chinese Photobook’ exhibition at the Photographers' Gallery in London I managed less than 15 seconds; that wasn't totally my fault since I'd been asked by a Chinese cultural official to take her photograph in front of a collection of images of the Helmsman himself, a corner of...

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